Delamotte Family

Early History
Curzon Delamotte
Curzon Delamotte 
married Doreen Theresa FONCECA on (date) (place).
Children from that union:
Lionel Anthony Patrick Delamotte (b 19/9/1950 Pallavaram, India)
Debra Delamotte (b. date, place) (d. date, place)
Mark Delamotte (b. date, place)

Lionel Delamotte
Lionel Delamotte married Andrea Jean Constance Bird (20 November 1971, Perth, Western Australia).
Children from that union:
Leon Anthony Delamotte (b. 30 May 1972, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia)
Ashley Patrick Delamotte (b. 16 November 1973, Fremantle, Western Australia)

Debra Delamotte
Debra Delamotte married Patrick Byrne (date, place).
Children from that union:
Christopher Byrne (b. date, place)
Michael Byrne (b. date, place)
David Byrne (b. date, place)

Mark Delamotte married